Casual Game “Mystery Stories – Mountains of Madness”Casual Game “Mystery Stories – Mountains of Madness”

Casual Game “Mystery Stories – Mountains of Madness”

Technologies and Tools: Framework GFC1 2.0,.NET, Managed C++, OpenGL DirectX, Lua Script
Effort: 10 man/months


MysteryStories – Mountains of Madness is a casual game, which was made in order of Our team developed the game on the basis of customer’s specification and graphics.

The game refers to the hidden object adventure genre. A book by H.P. Lovecraft was adopted for the game scenario. The game includes 140 scenes and 8 puzzle mini games.

During game development a multiplatform framework >>FrameworkGFC1 2.0<< was used. We designed this framework in order of The game runs on following platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS (iPad), Android.

For simplification of designer work an animation editor was developed according to the key frames paradigm. The designer defines key frames, object motion path and visual effects. Than the developed animation will be connected to the project resources and displayed by FrameworkGFC1.