Communication with Customers

One of the key factors for successful project execution is effective communication with the customer. We offer different models of communication depending on type of project. All these models have been successfully applied before.

Communication is most crucial during project inception. During this phase our project manager and business analyst contact with the customer. The most fruitful discussions occur during personal meetings. Usually we discussed software requirements for large/complex projects on such kind of meetings. Either our employees may visit the customer, or customer's specialists may visit us. Anyway, our staff speaks English and we never have meet problems of misunderstanding. Small projects (especially when prototype already exists) are discussed via e-mail or phone.

After project development is started, e-mails exchange usually is enough to inform each other about current status. During project execution project managers and team leaders (both, customer's and our) communicate on technical problems. We are located in a convenient time zone that simplifies communication. During project development we inform our customer about project development progress, deliver intermediate product versions, and do our best to make project development process transparent to the customer.

We have experience in software development performed by several teams located in different countries. Such kind of development process organization needs constant discussion of the current status. Communication volume increases, it involves a lot of people. Communication becomes crucial for successful project execution. Particularly, it is necessary to exchange work results via Software Configuration Management System. As we gained great experience in such kind of projects, we are able to manage effective communication.