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Our aim

Our aim is to deliver quality product, which conforms to customer's needs in reasonable time. To achieve this goal we pay attention to the following key factors:

Individual approach to every customer. During our work we met different tasks. Versatile response to individual features of the projects and prompt adaptation to rapid development of different IT-technologies guarantee our success. Very often, problem-free implementation of the first tasks led to the further cooperation with our customers. After learning personal demands of the customer, special peculiarities of the customer's industry, we adjusted our management processes, which in turn sufficiently increased efficiency during long-lasting cooperation.

Partnership relations with every customer. Very often we witnessed that informal relations between project managers intensified project development. Good personal relations are beneficial for quick and deep insight of project requirements. Frankness and flexibility in relations allows timely solving of arising problems and as a result minimizes development risks (problems are discussed easier and at more early stage). Such kind of relations confidently leads project to its successful completion. Long-lasting cooperation is extremely fruitful for creation of confident relations with customers. A number of problems at the level of managers through technical specialists can be solved more efficient in that case.

Effective communication. Our goal is to create adequate communication starting with initial project discussion till final testing. Our model of communication allows in-time correction of the project development workflow according to changing demands of the customer, gives the customer means to manage development process. We take advantages of geographical location of Belarus to create personal contacts of managers as well as technical specialists in full. Our experience shows that regular personal meetings promote assured project start and coordinated activity during joint development.

High development quality. We provide high quality by the following means: efficient processes of development and their permanent improvement; documentation of intermediate development phases during the whole project life cycle; monitoring of all development processes by our QC department on all phases of project. Another source of our development quality is our staff, which is able to adjust to different projects and new technologies.