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PM&S Software is an offshore software development company. Our headquarters is located in Minsk, Belarus. We deliver our services since 1996.

Company Overview

As a matter of fact our services are near-shore. Nearshoring is offshoring in a neighbour country. Belarus is closely connected to the Western European countries. That fact gives some advantages: cultural proximity, great possibilities for establishing personal contacts, convenient time zones, etc. for effective communication between customers and our developers. After establishing a joint venture with ProSieben Information Service Ltd. in 2000, we created a development center for our partner. This center is aimed to fulfill our partner's tasks. During this long lasting cooperation we gained great experience in distributed project development. Our cooperation was conducted in different ways: separate development of components, project maintenance, automatic tests development, etc. We created a flexible communication system, which can manage such different processes. At the same time we worked with other customers, and in this case we solved a wide band of tasks.


  • 1996. Company was founded by three IT-specialists under name M&S Software GmbH.
  • 2000. Joint venture with ProSieben Information Service Ltd. was established.
  • 2008. We are acting again as belorussian firma.

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