Project ExecutionProject Execution

Project Execution

Software Requirements Specification is a guideline for our further activity on project execution. The most important processes during this phase are project design, implementation and testing, and management software requirements.

Design. Project is designed according to Software Requirements Specification. Our developers are experienced in designing of projects with established architecture (e.g. WEB-projects) as well as projects with original architecture. In case of original architecture we use Roles-Responsibilities-Collaborations methodology and design patterns. In case of large/complex project we recommend implementation of a prototype to test architectural solutions.

Implementation. Project is implemented according to Software Requirements Specification and developed Software Architectural Document. Process of implementation is transparent to our customers. The customer can manage development progress. In case of large project it can be divided into milestones with individual acceptance by the customer. Along with source code implementation we develop unit tests.

Testing. Tests are designed on base of Software Requirements Specification. Our testers develop a detailed test plan, which is used for application's testing.

Management software requirements. During the whole project development process our project manager communicates with the customer. In case when it is necessary to add new functionality or modify existing one, our project manager estimates efforts on their implementation. After acceptance by the customer, Software Requirements Specification is modified according to the requested changes and new/modified functionality is implemented.