Casual Game “Built It!”Casual Game “Built It!”

Casual Game “Built It!”

Technologies and Tools: Framework GFC1 1.0, C++, OpenGL DirectX, Visual Studio, MFC
Effort: 10 man/months


“BuiltIt! MiamiBeachResort” is a casual game, which was made in order of Our team developed the game on the basis of customer’s specification and graphics.

The game refers to the time management genre. A gamer has to build a town. The game presupposes certain economic ability. The gamer makes use of resources to build and maintain houses. The resources come from tourists, who must be attracted in the town. There are a lot of scenarios with different degree of complexity in the game. According to them the gamer has various purposes, e.g. to build a definite number of houses or to reach definite resources volume etc.During game development a multiplatform framework >> FrameworkGFC1 << was used. We designed this framework in order of It was the first game using this framework.

In process of development it was tested and enhanced. At the same time engineering data of this game were taken into account. For example we implemented isometric view of game space. To automate the designer work a level-editor was developed.

The game runs on following platforms: Windows and MacOS.