Auftraggeber: cerasus.media
Der Auftraggeber entwickelt Casual Games für verschiedene Plattformen. Ein Framework war notwendig, das den Entwicklungsprozess maximal erleichtern könnte.

Technologien und Tools: C++, DirectX, OpenGL, XML, LUA, Xcode

Aufwand: 30 MM

Customer: alfa Media Partner GmbH
iMediaSuite is an iPhone Application. It displays news content in iPhone produced by a cross-media editorial system.

Technologies: iOS SDK, Objective C, SOAP, Audio I/O, Video, Geolocating.

Workload: 10 man/months

Customer: Soneso
The application is a collection of 5 word games for iPhone. During project development we implemented a set of new controls. High-scores are stored on a server. When a played scored a record, corresponding information can be sent to the server.

Technologies: iPhone SDK, Objective C, Quartz 2D

Workload: 2 man/months