InfraStitch ProjectInfraStitch Project

InfraStitch Project

Customer: Goratec Engineering GmbH
Technologies: C++, IPP
Workload: 18 man/months


The customer proposed development of software application for producing of panoramic infrared images. The problem is that infrared cameras have rather low resolution. So, when tacking pictures of a large object (e.g. building) it is necessary to make several shots of different parts of the object. But analysis of the object requires its full image. The application to be developed was intended to solve the problem.


We performed project requirements clarification and analysis, and proposed GUI design. In order to join a set of small images, application user must select reference points on the overlapping parts of the images for further stitching. For perspective transformations we used IPP (Integrated Performance Primitives provided by Intel). The application is able to stitch conventional images also.

The application uses modules that were developed for other our infrared products (for instance, loading of images received from infrared cameras). Thus project was developed rather fast.

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