Kiln Monitor ProjectKiln Monitor Project

Kiln Monitor 4D

Customer: Goratec Engineering GmbH
Technologies: C++, MFC, OpenGL, OPC
Workload: 48 man/months


Our customer proposed development of software application for automatic monitoring of cement production. Monitoring object is a rotary cement kiln. The rotary kiln consists of a steel tube, lined with firebrick (refractory). During production operation refractory burns out. It is necessary to monitor brickwork thickness, and set alarms when brick degrades down to specified critical thickness. Kiln surface temperature depends on refractory thickness. Infrared line scanners are used for kiln shell temperature monitoring. Scanners produce infrared images of the kiln's surface. These images are used for further calculation of thickness.


The customer provided us with software requirements and GUI prototype. On the base of these requirements we performed object-oriented design and developed application architecture.

Graphical representation of the monitored objects caused the most difficulties for implementation. We decided to show 3D image of the kiln with infrared picture on its surface. User can monitor calculated thickness of bricks and coating also by the means of sections. We use OpenGL for 3D modeling. Other problem is caused by infrared scanner features: scanner creates image line by line. It is necessary to process continuous data flow into infrared image of the surface, taking into account irregularity of kiln rotation. Moreover, it is necessary to compensate geometrical distortions. The application is able to receive and process data from other sensors. For instance, during rotation the kiln may begin twisting. That process can be detected by corresponding group of sensors. When twisting angle exceeds specified threshold, alarm is set. Alarm signals are displayed by the application; they can be output into different devices and transmitted to the Factory Management Program via OPC (OLE for Process Control).

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