ProPlan ProjectProPlan Project

ProPlan - TV-broadcasting planning

Customer: ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG
Technologies: Java, Swing
Workload: 8 man/months


ProPlan is an instrument for planning TV-broadcasting programs. ProPlan represents separate blocks of TV-broadcasting time as "planning elements", which are visible as rectangles in TV-Plan work area. Work area is a Java-window divided into numerous columns; each of the columns corresponds to a TV-broadcasting day. Y-axis of the column is time. Application user is allowed to perform different actions over planning elements. ProSiebenSat.1 already had TV-broadcasting planning application, which had been developed rather long ago. Since our customer started using that application, there were met lots of extra functional requirements. Besides new friendly user interface was necessary. New planning program, ProPlan, is a client-server application. We developed client side.


ProPlan is a client-server application. We developed GUI for the client. Input data for the development was GUI specification. The specification supposed implementation of custom controls with complex behavior. Gauges that controlled TV-broadcasting plan scale caused special complexity. Changing position of gauge thumb must invoke recalculation of graphical coordinates of all visible controls according to the selected scale. This problem has been successfully solved.

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