Customer: Goratec Engineering GmbH
Kiln Monitor 4D is a software application for automatic monitoring of cement production. Monitoring object is rotary cement kiln. The rotary kiln consists of a steel tube, lined with firebrick (refractory). During production operation refractory burns out. It is necessary to monitor brickwork thickness, and set alarms when brick degrades down to specified critical thickness.

Technologies: C++, MFC, OpenGL, OPC

Workload: 48 man/months

Customer: Goratec Engineering GmbH
Thermography Studio is designed for analysis of infrared images' sequences. The program receives images from infrared camera, displays them and performs their real-time processing. Received sequence of infrared images can be stored and then played back. For analysis purposes, application user can select area(s) and/or spot(s) on the image, and then observe time alteration of selected parameters of interest.

Technologies: C++, Direct3D, COM, ActiveX, MS Access (DAO)

Workload: 120 man/months

Customer: Goratec Engineering GmbH
InfoRoute is an application for analysis of infrared images. The application is a helper tool for monitoring of industrial objects. Assigned personnel take images of the monitored objects according to a schedule. The application loads data from the infrared camera and stores it in a special repository. Then, application user can load images corresponding to different time periods and analyze them. The results of analysis can be saved as a report.

Technologies: C++, Windows Shell, COM, ActiveX, VBA

Workload: 50 man/months Windows version, 12 man/months PPC Version

Customer: Goratec Engineering GmbH
InfraStitch is an application for producing of panoramic infrared images. The problem is that infrared cameras have rather low resolution. So, when tacking pictures of a large object (e.g. building), it is necessary to make several shots of different parts of the object. But analysis of the object requires its full image. The application solves the problem.

Technologies: C++, IPP

Workload: 18 man/months